The mismanagement of the system and being sentenced to home arrest is an entirely different matter for someone on ankle surveillance. Whether it’s his fault or not, these systems need to work properly – otherwise, as stated- he could be put in danger of being increased his sentence, or even shot. like you’re not a white cop frustrated with being stuck in the system. breonna taylor and elijah mclain are the price your attitude makes.

How that almost ended his life she called to verify and sounded great. oh treat life situation where police were sent to his house even after he confirmed that he was in the house and you better believe those racist idiots did willing to shoot to kill for their trouble . if he’s a killer and actually HAS been outside his house doing a few murders but she just believes him – it’s not his fault it’s disordered equipment but who do I think that should be sent to check. I guess the sound after the call means something. They gave him a verdict and he is respecting that.

How do you expect criminals to stop committing crimes if the system is now inventing crimes they haven’t committed after the sentence? I understand what he said. And what makes you think I don’t understand? I have been in the system many times. Don’t judge a book by its appearance. i also had the same thing happened to me, being accused of not being at home with the people in the house to prove it and a receipt from my china delivery has to prove it too. but I got caught for it and beat it up in court. So don’t tell me what I can’t stand. we will all get the last smile. All the aborigines of this land. Your time is running out. The earth is getting hotter, they blame it on global warming.

The kundalini energy is rising. Keep doing all the pranks you want. It is better to pay attention and study. You still do not understand, But for each person is his own. Just remember that you made a joke out of someone else’s pain. Regardless of what he did, that device not working was endangering his freedom for no reason at all. Aren’t we all allowed to make mistakes? I am a very strong person and do not appreciate the joke you did. Just remember today because the energy you put in, you will also get. Been under house arrest for 6 months without supervision. Those idiots will show up and try to lock me up or work late to the grocery store Etc. Moreover, I had to move house in time and they showed up to lock me up because I stayed in a packing house for too long.