So far, the story of the South Florida woman throwing birds at the judge has caught the attention of thousands of people who take turns applauding and defaming the judge on the Internet for rewarding the woman’s bold attitude with a 30-day prison sentence.
But the young woman who appeared in the Miami-Dade courtroom on Friday hardly resembled the insolent teenager who cursed a judge earlier this week.
After four days in the county prison, Penelope Soto, 18, returned to Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat’s courtroom with timidity and fear.

Her waist-length hair was braided into a tight braid and her arms were folded under the over-sized cuff.With a height of four feet 11 inches and weighing only 99 pounds, she was swimming in the orange jumpsuit provided by the county.

Soto stood with her lawyer while Rodriguez-Chomat recounted why she was there.”You are clearly, clearly a completely different person from the way you are acting now,” he said.
While in prison, Soto met Alfredo Hernandez, an anxiety and addiction counselor.
Hernandez found that Soto had a history of anxiety and panic that she had never been diagnosed with. She treated herself with Xanax and alcohol, he told the court on Friday.

Some of the majority commented :”Can someone explain? All she said was “adios,” why does it cost 10k? Flip his face and tell him to fuck himself, yes it’s stupid.”
“The judge is on a power trip”? No, this narcissistic child must be placed in her shoes! People who believe this behavior is okay need to spend the day working with children who are not theirs. There’s a reason why I work with second graders and not high schoolers…”
“His goodbye was very disrespectful at the start. This judge has a lot of great problems. Her adios is a bit outrageous because she should keep quiet and refer to her lawyer for any contact. But he’s still an abuser of power.”