poor guy. Some people think disrespect is not a problem when sometimes it is. He’s tired, annoyed, and has to deal with people who can sleep with shiny horns. Sometimes people are not aware of consciousness. i don’t know what religion you are but knowing you have angered the wrong person karma is real.

We have an important warrior, as if Richard couldn’t have handled the situation differently. My religious beliefs have nothing to do with my comment..religion just fits the word. You may not understand the whole situation thinking that a commuter can deal with stupid people. Worked for 22 years and worked as a bee worker if possible. Not everyone is so. I’m such a warrior on the keyboard, how does this make you sad? Just grow and develop with understanding.

You will be stuck here longer to become more compassionate. They don’t care that he fights for their freedom? Tell them directly in Russia, China, Iraq. Perhaps they will be interested. Children absorb themselves. ridiculous. It may be a visual representation to the police, but the party filming the video thinks the internet will take their side. This entire video may have been staged. Regardless I sided with the guy who worked.