The video shares a picture of a man feeding his crocodile, it looks like he’s very hungry but the man is still playing with it, not directly giving it food, doing
he has to reach for food. But it hasn’t hurt its owner, it looks like it’s been raised very well.

Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous predators in nature, with their powers and skills, they can attack any animal that is drinking water or swimming through the water. rivers, marshes, except for adult elephants or hippos if the number of crocodiles is not excessive. Despite their sluggish appearance, crocodiles are the first-rate predators in the in their environment, they can swim quite fast at 20 mph. They suddenly attack their prey. Crocodiles are very agile at short distances, even out in the open.

They have extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth to tear meat, all the big crocodiles have sharp and strong claws.
When the tendency to raise normal animals gradually becomes saturated, people start to like poisonous and strange pets. Recently, hunting for and buying crocodiles is creating a fever that is causing many people to you have to be curious.

Crocodiles are amphibious reptiles who can live healthy whether on land or in the water. However, with the nature of wild animals, when newly exposed, crocodiles also have the self-defense but not at all dangerous for the breeder. Later, when they are touched and cuddled, they are also used to breathing and becoming gentle.