The guy in the video is making netizens mention when he has a very thin and malnourished body, a young man with a body like a child. His body has no flesh, only bones.

It’s unbelievable how a person can be this malnourished, trying to break a bunch of bread when challenged by someone. This guy tried his best and finally broke a bunch of golden noodles, viewers couldn’t help but be surprised because this was an extremely difficult job and he tried his best.

But for ordinary people his age, it must be very easy. Malnutrition is a serious condition that occurs when your diet doesn’t have enough nutrients, or in other words, lacks or consumes too many nutrients.

Kwashiorkor is a severe protein deficiency that leads to water retention and bloating. Meanwhile, marasmus occurs due to severe calorie deficit, resulting in leanness, accompanied by significant fat and muscle loss.

Malnutrition The long-term effects of undernutrition often include an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. In a study of several adolescents, it was found that boys who were stunted by early malnutrition gained 5% more fat mass over 3 years than boys who were not stunted Horn.

In addition, about 21% of stunted adolescents had higher blood pressure than other healthy adolescents. The video also attracts viewers by his shrunken body:

” To lose weight, you have to pull the bone out of it”

“Don’t do drugs, or you will be like those noodles”