Dress up dtt (H. chemistry: change; page: clothes) Change the way people dress so that people don’t recognize themselves: The Liberation Army disguises as the imperial army (VngGiap) Tells the actor to paint his face nose and changing clothes to play a role: Dressing up actors is also an art.

A make-up artist or a make-up artist is a person who specializes in changing the image of theater actors, film, television or circus actors, etc. to suit their respective roles. There are several types of makeup and techniques to apply it, which distinguish the work of a make-up artist from that of a hairdresser and makeup artist.

Make-up artists use the unique features of theatrical and cinematic arts, because their work is closely related to other techniques in these fields, such as lighting. .

The work of a make-up artist is usually not limited to a make-up. For example, in addition to their main job, they can also make (sewn) beards, mustaches, wigs and other hair products.
Apprenticeships in makeup are often trained in theater institutes and universities in film