The clip shows the father and son playing together in front of the lawn. But the father of the child loves the child in such a way that the baby goes up and down quickly. This is an outrageous act of pampering a child. After the accident, the baby was transferred to the hospital in a coma, deformed head circumference, respiratory disorder.

The results of CT scan of the brain showed cerebral hemorrhage in the right frontal region, scattered brain hemispheres and crescents, subdural hematoma, cerebral edema, skull fracture in the right temporal occipital region. Determining that this was a case of severe cerebral hemorrhage, the Pediatricians quickly carried out treatment against cerebral edema, blood transfusion, and intravenous nutrition. At the same time, support breathing, regulate blood gases, blood clotting disorders, relieve pain, and prevent convulsions for the baby. After 10 days of intensive treatment, the child’s health stabilized and was discharged at the end of February.

General Hospital said, this is a case of a child with a brain hemorrhage who was fortunate to be saved. Through this case, doctors want to warn about another common indirect trauma condition that also causes cerebral hemorrhage in children and infants, which is “shake syndrome”. This syndrome easily damages the eyes, cervical spine and brain of babies, especially babies under 12 months old. Many grandparents and parents because they love their children so much, they have actions such as carrying the baby up and down quickly, holding the baby up high to make an airplane, or shaking the hammock back and forth very strongly for the baby to sleep… doing so, the child is very like, but this is extremely dangerous.

Because children at birth have a large and heavy head, accounting for 25% of the body, at this stage the neck is very weak and cannot bear the weight of the head, while the young skull is soft, the meninges are thin, so it is easy to hurt. Because the skull bone grows faster than the brain, at birth, the brain and skull are empty.
Therefore, when the child is shaken strongly, the vibration force will transfer to the brain and damage the brain, which can lead to cerebral hemorrhage, intraventricular hemorrhage… causing deep coma, paralysis and even death death. Besides, the shaking of the baby causes the baby’s neck to hurt and possibly fracture the cervical spine. “Therefore, never and don’t let anyone shake your baby,” Dr. Huy warned. In the United States, up to 30% of children with this syndrome die, that is, 3 children, 1 child dies from brain damage and 62-96% of children with early shaking may have complications.