Locksmithing is one of the most sensitive professions, because if you don’t keep morality, it will be easy to be greedy and do nefarious things.

Through the story of the locksmith choosing his disciples below, it can be seen that intelligence is only secondary, the most important thing is to have morality.

In particular, locksmiths have to fight with themselves when they want to appropriate other people’s property. When you want to store and protect important assets, people often lock them so that crooks can’t break in and take them away.

When there is no key, ordinary people will struggle all day, even using all means to break the lock, but in the end still have to “give up” because they cannot

open it.

But locksmiths and locksmiths are different. They have tips and tricks to unlock in a snap and without much effort. Since it can be unlocked easily, the oath of

honor and the oath of conscience are extremely important.

If they break their vows, they will easily lose themselves, fall into sin or help criminals. As a witty and humorous locksmith, Ky Anh often adds to his clips difficult “steering” phases.

Netizens had to laugh while watching. The video is about a guy who needs a locksmith’s help, he broke the key and couldn’t open the door, so he needed the help of a locksmith.

A few minutes later, the craftsman finished and the new key was exactly the same as the old one. These workers are important because they save emergencies.

“Where is your key made. I need to copy one.”

“Love this ❤️”