THIS IS a fun moment when a person accused of stealing Nike clothing is abandoned by a driver.The funny video was supposed to show the woman desperately trying to open the back door of the car when the driver slowed down, leaving her behind and finally getting caught.

The woman can be seen desperately trying to open the door.The shoplifter who allegedly looked at the fleeing driver slowed down.
Then she started running and trying to run away from the scene – they wrote: “When the thieves took ALL Nike but forgot to unlock the door.”The short clip shows the “thief” holding Nike clothing trying to get inside the getaway car when the door is locked.

The driver was already in the car so one might think he would open the door for her but instead he drove off, leaving her behind.
The video shows the woman leaving her clothes and starting to run, reportedly trying to flee the scene while being able to see a policeman running behind her.The second clip shows the woman handcuffed in the store’s parking lot.

One person commented: “They left her out of their way, I was crazy about her.”
Another said: “Why do I feel so bad for her. They don’t need to do the same to her… not to say she doesn’t deserve it but… it’s people you think you know.”
While another added: “They trapped that poor girl. That girl got in. They want her arrested. Girl, they’re not your friends… hope she’s learned.”