In recent days, netizens are going crazy over a short video that shows a guy and his girlfriend riding a roller coaster sliding vertically at an amusement park.

It is known that this guy went to Six Flags park to participate in an adventure game with his girlfriend. While this girl was very excited about the slides, the

guy was so scared that he fainted.

Through the short video, it can be seen that in just a short minute, his tooth was broken due to the strong wind. Because the chair shook so hard, he screamed,

the denture was attached but not sure and as a result, he lost a front tooth, and the younger sister screamed with joy.

Vivid expressions and voiceless screams made the online community laugh. Many people commented :

“Really can’t help but smile when I see his face”

“I’m tired of laughing at this kid.”

The girl in the video couldn’t help but smile when looking at the guy’s face, a bright smile revealing the crooked tooth in the upper jaw made viewers laugh.

Many netizens also joked that after playing, they had to spend more money to fix their teeth.