The surrounding audience had a good laugh when they witnessed the scene of the two teams trying to hold on to the violently shaking bridge.

Shuoping flower field tourist area is becoming an attractive destination thanks to the rope swing game on the pond. Participants will be divided into two teams,

each side must balance on the wooden bridge and try to shake it vigorously so that as many members of the opposing side fall into the water as possible.

The winning team will be the side with the most members staying on the bridge the longest. This game is causing a fever in China recently. Before joining, the members always determined that they could get wet but in return had many minutes of fun.

Not only challenging the players, the audience around watching also had a good laugh. On a total area of more than 16,000 hectares, this place attracts visitors with hundreds of rich plant species and many wild games.

Netizens laugh at this game, if they don’t know how to move in the swinging direction of the bamboo bridge, they will fall into the river. Many netizens expressed:

“How is this not an Olympic sport?”

“I’ll pass”

This game attracts a lot of views and comments from them because the game is so new and interesting that many people want to experience it.