A clip of a woman’s terrifying driving has just been shared on social networks.
According to the video, the woman asked for a turn signal, and suddenly crossed the road, causing the truck behind to not slow down, so it created a pretty strong collision.

Specifically, the truck was in normal traffic, when the woman next to the driver ran to the parallel, at this time she wanted to cross the road, so she suddenly turned left. Although the signal light was turned on, the situation was so unexpected that the driver behind did not have time to slow down. Just like that, the truck crashed into the white car, taking the woman by surprise, and the truck was pushed a fair distance away. Then the white car stopped and got down to check the situation

Found a large dent in the back of the car. Meanwhile, the woman looked at the car and looked at the truck driver
The video shared on social networks is funny and funny, many netizens feel excited after watching it.

Many people also humorously commented:
“She got what she deserved”

“Although I’m not cheering for the girl, this video shows that, no matter where, letting a woman drive is a risk. Besides the accidents caused by women, there are also unexpected scenes that show.” I don’t understand why they get a driver’s license?”; “That’s funny”; “Don’t look down on women because they always surprise you”; “Women want to sit in the car and drive safely.” It’s all good luck, bad grades can be fixed”… are the funny comments of netizens.