Between two halves of the 2015 Super Bowl, American star Katy Perry put on an impressive 13-minute show. Widely followed in the United States – more than the game itself – the show, which is a tradition of the annual American football competition, goes to great lengths to offer the most exuberant and kitsch to the public.

Katy Perry arrived on stage riding a strange beast, part Terminator, part Power Rangers. She herself wears an outfit whose disturbing resemblance to a Pokémon caused a lot of laughter on the Web.

Change of scenery at 4:30: the fiery transhumanist world becomes the country of Dora the Explorer, with living palm trees and stumbling sharks in support. As somewhat forgotten guest stars, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott then came to accompany the singer twice.

Katy’s final flight on a burning shooting star keeps all the promises of the grandiloquent American show, and the American singer can hope to have exceeded 115.3 million viewers of Bruno Mars in 2014.