After 13 days of testimony, Johnny Depp’s lawyers on Tuesday stopped their case in his libel trial against Amber Heard, and Heard’s legal team began presenting their views.

Depp is suing Heard, his ex-wife, alleging that a 2018 article she wrote defamed him and cost him his job in Hollywood.
I hear it’s expected to be right after tomorrow.
Until Tuesday, jurors had heard more than two dozen witnesses called by Depp’s lawyers, including Depp himself. Many people have testified about the explosive fights between the former couple.

Depp’s last witness, forensic accountant Mike Spindler, testified on Tuesday about his analysis of the income Depp lost due to op-ed in 2018, which did not mention the actor’s name.
“I conclude that Mr. Depp suffered a loss of income of about $40 million,” Spindler testified.
A few minutes after Depp’s legal team put the case on hold, Heard’s lawyers made a proposal to strike the case, a common tactic in civil cases, arguing that Depp had failed to substantiate his defamatory statements.

Judge Penny Azcarate partially dismissed the motion based on two arguments, but said she would continue to consider another argument if Heard’s team presented evidence in relation to it when they presented her case.