Jim Carrey’s ties to the secret society are often speculated on based on his close ties to Illuminati researchers and his interest in the New World Order. However, perhaps the unpopular mockery of the clan led to the actor’s sudden demise.

Jim Carrey has gone too far and crossed the line to mock the occult. Finally, his fun ended when the elite exposed Carrey’s mystery when he “went overboard” mocking the occult.

“For many years now, TV presenters, and programmers have been controlled by the government to distract you, make you laugh, make you happy, docile so you don’t know. what’s really going on,” Carrey said on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Carrey revealed that the Illuminati are trying to turn the masses into “consumer drones”. “Because you know, they meet there, in the woods, naked and in a circle, where they decide these things,” the actor added, clearly alluding to the mysterious and elite group.

Conspiracy theory is the tendency of individuals to believe that events and power relationships are secretly manipulated by some secret group and organization.

Check out this academic paper by Dr David Robert Grimes ‘On the Viability of Conspiracy Beliefs’, which shows that large conspiracies, over 1000 agents, quickly become uncontrollable and vulnerable. failure.

This is an extremely important article because it shows that although conspiracies do exist, they will fall apart once they have a large number of participants. As conspiracy theories about COVID-19, flat earth, Illuminati, etc., are spreading, this article shows how complete nonsense it is.

With that, 99% of the conspiracies you read don’t exist.

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