Turns out Jennifer Aniston is a boss with a fire extinguisher, lucky for Jimmy Kimmel… when their trash can fire accidentally bit the Emmys, turning into the entertainment of 2020..

The fire went out early on Sunday’s Emmys live broadcast from the Staples Center… Jennifer was the first presenter of the night. The fiery joke suggests they first clear any potential coronavirus from the envelope… by spraying Lysol on it and spontaneously burning it.

Thing is… the envelope won’t stop burning!!! Jimmy and Jen looked shocked, and she had to detonate the fire extinguisher five times before the flames finally went out.

It all sounds like a metaphor for the massive wildfires currently raging in California and Oregon. Hell, you could even extend that metaphor to all of 2020 — COVID-19, racism, social injustice, politics, hurricanes, etc.

Ya get the point … someone please extinguish this year.

By the way, the cast of “Little Fires Everywhere” probably thought it was an early good omen for them. However, that’s not it… they lost in the Outstanding Limited Series category. 🔥

Others also commented:

“She need to spray the base of the fire not the top”

“And that’s why fire watches have to stay 30 minutes after the fire has been extinguished”

“Legends says she is still trying to put that fire out today”

“Must in base of fire side by side.”

>>>Link video : https://www.facebook.com/119966854267269