The 33-year-old Canadian makeup artist has taken the art of makeup to the next level. The face image on the iPhone is inspired by her daily routine, where she

often has to take pictures of herself with makeup on to make sure the angles and colors on her face are correct.

And the image of a shelf with many compartments is how she shares her personal life with her followers on social networks. The video above quickly attracted the

attention of the online community.

Everyone knows, the power of makeup is to cover the flaws on the face. That helps us become fresher, more radiant. And to bring the best effect, it depends quite

a lot on the skill of the makeup artist.

Therefore, those who follow the makeup profession have the opportunity to show their own talents and personality. If you are a person with a strong personality,

perhaps a seductive and edgy makeup style will always be chosen by you.

As for the girls with a gentle personality, the makeup style with the characteristics of a moist foundation and beautiful plump lips will be very popular.

For those of you who work in the field of makeup, surely everyone knows the basic makeup steps. Primer, foundation will be used in the first step of makeup,

how to contour the face to look slimmer, elegant and taller, the right makeup technique for eyes, eyebrows, etc.