Recently, a video after being posted has attracted a lot of attention and sharing of people about how that soldier disassembled the tank on the tank.
It may seem crazy but having a truck with a fully armored magazine is superior to a Russian tank with a car truck. The car loader requires the clamshell to be in the cab of the tank. That’s why there are so many Russian tanks with their turrets blown away like a giant pan. Press the magazine and the two men switch to the liquid, and the lid pops.

As a M60 A1Rise turret loader with more room than Abrams while moving from one location to another, you can lay on the machine cartridges and sleep
Next time you can drop this round on a slightly stronger cylinder deflector and are you trying to let go of your finger while loading it with an open hand? At least do it right if you’re going to post a video.

There are ways to screw the tower manually but no if the motor fails the barrel is disabled. It can also run on backup batteries. This was true even for tanks in World War 2.

Some people commented:
“It’s a bit slow but damn all the guards are up and not loading rpm.”
“M-1 Abram, the knee switch opens the “honeycomb shelf” door to the ammo area. Pull one out, spin it around, knock it home, and scream “UP”!!”
“What the hell, like killing people, vandalizing their homes or something nice… even among them for example: Ukrainians defending their homeland are not “cool” great”.. what the hell”