The video posted on social media has attracted the interest and interaction of many people.In the video we can see that the owners of the dogs have recorded a very interesting image.
An angry mother dog entered her children and barked in front of them, the mother dog was very angry fixing a noise that scared the little dogs.
But in it a dog resisted his mother and when he saw the angry mother he did not step back from the corner with his brothers and sisters that he had stood in front of them to endure the anger.

There’s going to be a baby that’s born that’s still against me, and this is a great example. The future dog is going to be the protector of his sisters. That’s interesting, and animals are like humans.

The mother dog needs to bark four times before the puppy steps back and feels scared, we can see a brave image protecting our loved ones from a dog.
Dogs are family-friendly animals that are seen as friends of families and it’s because of that that so many families choose to protect their families and the dogs can be friends of their children.

“It’s a father who imposes his alpha except for a future alpha child. He is ready for the future to protect himself and his brothers and sisters.”
“The last bark is when your mother has told you to sit down, and you don’t listen. Equally tight lips, talking through your teeth….. right neowwww”