At all times, the relationship between citizens and law enforcement agencies is to make it light, tense. People show displeasure with law enforcement in different ways. Some people just need to throw two or three strong words against the police, and someone needs to write something offensive on a wall or fence. And the individual doing it separately make a tattoo on their body, reflecting their attitude and worldview. Among tattooists have adopted some common symbols and abbreviations of well-established expressions.

Many people, not knowing the real meaning, have associated this word with Arab countries, the activities of radical Islamic organizations. Actually, it is an acronym. It stands for all police are bastards. Literally translated from English, this means “all cops are geeks” (or “damn”). Acab tattoos were widespread in British prisons. It is applied mainly on the phalanges of the fingers. It pops out one letter for each finger. Over time, engraved acab began to be applied to other parts of the body – legs (patella), back, chest, etc. Also, this slogan was used during the workers’ strikes. British mines. In the seventies of the twentieth century, the group The 4-Skins popularized this abbreviation by releasing the song of the same name. By the late 1990s, this inscription on clothing or in the form of a tattoo could be noticed among football fans, thugs and representatives of street gangs, although not all of them also know what acab means. The word can also be found in different areas of culture: rappers, puns, anarchists and the like.

Currently, this abbreviation can be said to have a worldwide reputation. In the countries of the former Soviet Union there is a variation on this theme: all policemen are goats. Such a phrase can also be seen in prisoners of the Soviet era. Very often, this inscription can be found in the form of graffiti. It should be noted that in the English version, such art on the wall “lives” longer than the Russian version. Public utilities are in no hurry to wash or paint it. Perhaps the reason lies in a simple lack of understanding: many people still do not know what acab means. Or people just show tolerance for foreign symbols.

Today, English is increasingly sublimated with Russian. Western culture is gradually being assimilated into our traditions. This can be seen in modern slang dialect, fashion, musical trends and other cultural aspects. The phrases in question in this article have been actively spread and promoted among adolescent subcultures. For example, in Russia you can see clothes with this abbreviation. After the release of the 2012 ACAB film, Stefano Solim, it became even more popular. So a new fashion to use this name has emerged. But, given the local reality, the enterprising people come to different tricks, offering alternative decoding options. For example, all policemen are beautiful people (All policemen are beautiful) or always carry a Bible with me (Always carry a Bible). Perhaps, over time, there will be other variations on this theme. After all, the creativity of the Russian people does not take!