Prince Harry’s wife “Meghan Markle is a robot” scared the whole world. Users present their theories on social networks. A viral video has been shown on the YouTube platform in which Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are seen at an event.

Both were among the audience who couldn’t stop clapping because the royal couple was so close.

His appearance is not the center of attention, but his behavior. What happened? According to the images posted on the social network YouTube, Meghan Markle can be seen showing a curious attitude. She has leisurely movements as if she were a robot.
In the viral video, it is emphasized that the main character of the series “The Suit” appears to look into space and make very obvious gestures.

Her partner, Prince Harry, accompanies her and just laughs unless the actress makes weird moves at the event.

YouTube users have spoken out and expressed a number of theories that could explain why Meghan Markle acted the way she did.

Most commented that it would be an alternative. According to them, the actress would not be able to attend the ceremony, so she was replaced with a robot.
Another theory, which has gained a lot of followers, is that Prince Harry’s wife is being hidden from the media to prevent her from revealing royal family secrets.

Another explanation is that tech buffs have created robots that look a lot like the couple to fool fans into following Meghan and Harry. So Meghan Markle is a cyborg, or she could be a “cloning robot”.

After watching the YouTube video, you can now draw your own conclusions.