The video recorded the image of a policeman and after watching the video, many people left comments saying that the policeman was abusing his position.
The objective behavior of this crime is an act of abusing positions and powers to violate official duties. In fact, to act contrary to official duties may mean not doing in the case of having to and having conditions to do or doing but not fully or doing contrary to the regulations or requirements of the official duty.

Regulations on civil service may exist in the provisions of law, internal regulations, regimes and regulations of the industry or locality. Unlawful acts of persons with positions and powers must cause specific damage to the interests of the state, the society, and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Thus, the dangerous consequences for society of this crime are mandatory legal signs in the composition of the crime. This is a type of crime whose dangerous consequences are varied.

They can be material damages such as life, health, property, but can also be immaterial damages such as reputation, honor, human dignity… When consequences occur. The act of abusing positions and powers to violate official duties is considered a crime.
The fault of the offender is intentional. Criminal motives are self-interest or other personal motives. Self-interest motives are motives that seek material benefits for themselves or for others that they care about. Other personal motivations may, in fact, be those that reinforce personal status, prestige, or personal power without seeking material gain. The motive of the crime is a mandatory legal indicator of this crime.

And this is one of the biggest issues on our country. The law living above the law and abusing their power against people below it, people that pay their damn bills and live next door at that.