The video depicts the scene of the mall and the boy doing his challenge, the boy performing his task with the aid of a ball. The boy took turns kicking the ball toward the girls walking on the street to see how they would react. And all three girls were happy and kicked the ball toward the boy.

No one was upset by the situation. Many people expressed interest in the boy’s challenge and hoped to see a more unexpected and dramatic ending.
Some people are annoyed by the act of disturbing people when they come to your center, and you shouldn’t act like that, and they will get annoyed when someone.
Please make fun of me when I don’t know you.

Each person will have a different point of view and see the problem according to their feelings. And there is no right or wrong here. Currently, to solve
mind and like many people who have made many unexpected situations happen and see how strangers react to their problem. Many topics
teach us many lessons and views about life; besides, many elements act ridiculously, causing disorder and affecting people. Around.