The video below captures the image of a couple staying at a resort during their vacation. The video is with the theme that if they were not on holiday, they wanted to avoid coming here. The guy didn’t seem awake anymore; he fell into the corner of the tree and tried to get up; the girl kicked him lightly with her foot and then fell too.

The two seemed to have lost control of themselves and kept falling. The girl fell into the bushes and tried to reach up but couldn’t. The boy lay motionless. They moved for a while, then tried to get up to help the girl but made themselves fall. Their weight seemed to be zero, and they could no longer stand.

The video quickly attracted many netizens, who were worried about the incident and did not know if the couple was drunk or drugged. Become like this; they think it’s not fun to post a like like this. Instead of recording a video, the camera operator should ask and help. The couple should go to the safe room.

Some netizens shared:
“They don’t seem to be just drunk. Hopefully, they’re not drugged. Who knows. People will do anything to be ‘spiritual.’ “”
“It couldn’t have been another drug. Somehow they never fell. They wobble.. like weeds. These people got killed.”
“Instead of recording them, maybe go help them, get them where they need to go. They can get hurt; it seems like Dood is drugged.”
“As someone who lives in a vacation destination, we don’t want you here either.”