To create a complete movie, in addition to the voice actors for the character, there are artists who specialize in creating fake sounds for the film. Have you ever seen action movies where actors swing swords at each other?

You understand that their swords are sometimes made of plastic, but no one wonders: why is plastic still sharp when it comes to sound? In fact, not only actors are voiced, even objects in the movie are “dressed up” with a new layer of sound to be more vivid, accurate and realistic.

And the behind-the-scenes of such a dubbing session is something that perhaps not many people know. These people are known as “Foley” artists – experts in “reproducing” fake sound for movies.

They often do behind-the-scenes work to make the sound in the movie more vivid and true. From footsteps on gravel, stirring water, touching knives and forks to the sound of weapons… all were created in a room with countless objects like this.

In fact, this is not an easy job when they have to use other objects to create sound for many details in the movie. Instead of using a real boat towed on gravel, they just had a wooden crate and a bucket of gravel just enough to make a noise.

The sound must really match and match the details in the movie. However, there are also things that many people in the profession say, no matter how hard they try, they can’t make it a reality.

For example, the sound of birds, laser guns, dogs barking, rainstorms or explosions. Therefore, the process of sound processing after a movie is much more complicated.