Any commodity production line requires a large amount of manpower to be able to take on all positions of that commodity production line.
In which, there is a position that cannot be ignored, that is the worker packing goods.
Recently, a video of two women sitting and packing soap into a box has made viewers dissatisfied, because the woman standing in front let the girl in the back take all the goods, but after watching the video, viewers broke down.

According to the video, when the product conveyor belt passed, the worker would logically put the product in the box, but the woman sitting in front did not do it, but leisurely sat and played, looking ahead and back.
Leaving the woman behind to fold her arms and still not have time, many people think that the girl’s working attitude is very weak, when she lets her colleagues work alone like that.

But unexpectedly, it was a clever working strategy that the two girls agreed to, that was after the other packed enough goods into the container and changed the box.
Then the other person will start working, take advantage of this time to rest their hands, and let both of them not be mistaken when taking the product to put in the box, avoiding one person taking the other’s part.
Lead to work efficiency is also not guaranteed.
What a smart strategy, it’s true that working smart is better than working hard
Both achieve the number, without too much stress while working, support each other to solve it, and find it more comfortable to go to work.