The video recorded an image of a man chatting with a couple sitting in a car, his action attracted the attention of many people about the guy’s actions. What did you leave in this video:
“I’m curious why this is still up with the whole R word in there that no one can stand. Hmm weird Facebook slacking or just being idiotic
I’m not saying I’m offended 🤣 I’m just saying with some postes I have done that are nothing compares to this video and I have been banned for shit lol I have no issue with the video I have issues with Facebook.

do you have mental retardation? The guy saying it does and he seems fine with the word 😅 don’t be a snowflake. Not everything needs to be cancelled. What’s next? A black guy can’t say the n word? Hahaha 🤣 a gay person cant say fag? This comment was funnier then the video hahaha

I mean, it seems to be a literal classification rather than trash talk, maybe that’s the difference?
I have no problem with the word retarded. Look it up first before you say something retarded again
people used to call people like us retarded. It’s slang to us and I don’t get offended by the word. Lmfao imagine being so salty over the word Retard. I would definitely use you as the picture definition of said word.

yet again you guys come across like I’m offended or I’m offended some one used the word this whole comment I put ok the post was based off of Facebook policies nothing more. I don’t understand how no one can see that and just think I’m upset about the word lol.