How does it feel to lose the only loved one you have?
the video of the girl sharing the moment she lost her only loved one made the online community feel sorry for her, according to the video, the sadness could not be hidden in her eyes, but she still had to keep calm, and don’t believe your ears. Have to confirm with the messenger again to be sure.

“My younger brother, Dayne, passed away almost three years ago from a drug overdose. He is 19 years old. The past 3 years have been a whirlwind of emotions. The first year, I was a walking zombie. I was in so much pain, to be honest, I couldn’t have predicted that one day I would smile and it would be a REAL smile. My brother’s death destroyed my family at the time. We all carry our own pain, guilt, ‘what if’. You would think when you lose a sibling or a parent, that families come together and people lean on each other and ‘get through it’. No one can truly understand how profoundly a tragic death affects and changes a family until you actually experience it.

I was an only child for the first 8 years of my life so when I found out I was going to have a little brother, I was VERY excited. I carried a lot of guilt after my brother’s death because we were so far apart in age, when I became a teenager 95% of the time I was ‘too busy’ to play with him or care a lot about him. But despite my own demons that I fought throughout high school, I never forgot that he was my little brother and I was his sister. My brother used to knock on my door before going to bed and ask if he could sleep in the king-size bed with me because he didn’t like sleeping alone.

I felt like trying to talk on the phone all night with any high school sweetheart at the time was a hindrance, but I always let him in. I’m his sister and sleeping in my room makes him uncomfortable. feel more secure, that’s fine with me.
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