A Louisiana State Trooper who is also a famous TikTok celebrity with millions of social media followers has been placed on leave over his involvement in a hit-and-run boating crash.

Justin Chaisson is a law enforcement officer with the Louisiana State Police but is also known under the alias Stalekracker on social media. Chaisson’s Stalekracker character is known for his cooking videos and viral clips that highlight south Louisiana culture.

According to his website, Stalekracker has been featured on major sites like Tasty, Buzzfeed, Delish, and Mashed.

With catchphrases like “that’s money dude” and “put that on a cracker” Chaisson built his Stalekracker brand into an internet sensation with millions of followers across multiple platforms.

As a self-proclaimed TikTok chef, Chaisson’s Stalekracker fame has also led to a successful revenue stream as well with hats, t-shirts, seasoning, and more Stalekracker merch available in stores and online.

While Chaisson’s internet alias is perpetually enjoying a fun-loving good time, in real life, he has been placed on leave from his job as a Louisiana State Trooper as many are questioning State Police as to why he has remained on duty after a hit-and-run boating crash that left a person injured back in July.

According to Chris Nakamoto with the WBRZ Investigative Unit, Chaisson was on a boat being driven by Bryan Nolan when it crashed into another vessel in Assumption Parish. Investigators say that Nolan and Chaisson fled the scene, but were intercepted by authorities while attempting to get away.

At the time, an off-duty Assumption Parish deputy came to the aid of the boaters that were hit by Nolan. That deputy radioed for help and law enforcement intercepted Chiasson and Nolan as they tried to get away. Nolan was arrested and charged with DWI and hit and run. Ten days later, he was arrested again and charged with negligent injuring, and two counts of careless operation of a watercraft.