In the clip, the couple takes a bath together on the sea on a sunny morning. After bathing in the sea for a while, he went up to the sand and lay face down
for heating and sunbathing. At that moment, the wife also wanted to warm up and her belly was so big that she couldn’t lie on her stomach, so the husband saw this and scooped up the soil. into a round hole to fit the wife’s pregnant belly. The fact that pregnant women go to the beach is also a useful activity that pregnant women should participate in, but only participate When the pregnant woman is in the best condition.

Because sea water contains high levels of iodine, it has the ability to fight skin infections and regulate calcium.
and increase blood circulation effectively for pregnant women. Should swim in the early morning or late afternoon, avoid bathing after eating or drinking.
when the belly skin is tight; Eating seafood also needs to be fresh, clean and cooked. According to experts, the pregnant woman’s immersion in sea water.
It also brings incredible benefits, which help to eliminate toxins and cure many diseases. Because in sea water, there is a content of iodine mineral, which has the effect of. Used to fight infections, regulate calcium levels, help increase blood circulation throughout the body of pregnant women as well as stimulate the activity of the thyroid gland. and mammary glands of pregnant women. In seawater, there is a rich source of magnesium, a mineral that is very beneficial for the development and perfection of the nervous system menstrual cycle, good for both mother and baby.

Pregnant women walking on the sand also help increase the flexibility of the feet more than wearing shoes, this is also a
One of the effective ways of foot massage, helps to stimulate the nervous system and acupressure points in the foot to work. This massage helps the body relax, bring. Replenish energy for the body, accordingly, the symptoms of muscle and joint pain are also reduced. Pregnant women walking on the sand help the skin under the soles of the feet to be cleansed. Cleans dead cells, the amount of ions absorbed into the body increases the immune system, which is very good for pregnant women.

Usually, pregnant women have the habit of abstaining, so they are less greedy
outdoor activities, so the body is less exposed to the sun. 50% of pregnant women are vitamin D deficient during this time. Whereby,
Bathing in the sea in the early morning and late afternoon helps pregnant women absorb a good source of vitamin D from the sun. This source of vitamin D helps pregnant women reduce fatigue, stress, while strengthening the immune system thanks to an increase in the hormone serotonin – a hormone that helps regulate emotions. Swimming in the sea at. In the early morning and late afternoon to absorb vitamin D, which is very good for the skin and bone system, helps the skin to be rosy, not tan, pregnant women will feel less body aches.
Wishing pregnant mothers to consider taking good care of their health, to ensure the health of both mother and baby.