PASADENA, CA – Despite having gone out to celebrate a college friend’s birthday late into the night and still being hungover because of it, local dad Darryl Evans was tasked with watching his children the next day, and while doing so masterfully executed the perfect game of Hide-and-Seek.

“I couldn’t find him anywhere,” said Darryl’s daughter Maria, unaware that her father had had three tequila drinks and six IPAs the night before and was now completely unconscious under the blankets. in his bedroom.

As Darryl’s children explored every inch of the house in search of their father, they inadvertently checked their parents’ bedroom – which is normally forbidden – despite their father’s chainsaw-like snoring. was a deadly gift he was in.

“I give up, let’s play video games,” admitted Darryl’s son Trevor, cementing victory for Darryl, who not only forgot he was playing Hide and Seek but also remembered little of the night. the day before—even when he spilled beer everywhere while trying to carry it in the pocket of his cargo shorts until the guard suggested he go home.

Darryl’s reign as Hide-and-Seek champion didn’t last long, as it only took his wife a matter of seconds to find him when she got home from work as all she had to do was follow the trail of IPA on the carpet.