Auto manufacturers often advertise their vehicles as durable; This is especially true in the hospitality sector. But rarely do we see models pushed to their limits. Speed limits and other laws, as well as common sense, tend to get in the way of us actually seeing how far our trucks can go before breaking down. Instead, we have to wait years to see how it holds up over time.

However, one area where we can get an intuitive look at the endurance of a modern vehicle is in the police chase. Two recent police chases involved model Chevy Silverado. How did the truck hold up?
Chevy Silverado Rollover Durability
This first chase we’ll look at is thankfully a short one. The driver of a Chevy Silverado who violated traffic laws in the area is being monitored for drug activity. The driver refused to pull over to the police.

The Silverado was driven off the highway by a police cruiser, resulting in the truck hitting the mid-highway barrier and overturning completely. However, in an amazing turn, the truck landed on its wheels and was able to continue driving. The front part of the passenger cabin is slightly dented at the top, while the top of the cabin remains relatively intact.

Their getaway could have been better if their Silverado was equipped with the Z71 Terrain Pack.

The truck went significantly slower after rolling, but this made it better able to withstand further hits from the cruisers. However, when it became clear that there was no exit in sight, the driver pulled over and he and his passenger peacefully surrendered to police. No one was injured, a fact partly due to the excellent workmanship and safety standards of the Chevrolet Silverado.