“The secret to training dragons” shows a series of special photos of the trio of super-naughty kids ‘Tooth’ on the floor
Recently, the famous animated series, how to train a dragon, has just teased the latest image of the “toothless family” in the upcoming special movie.
After three years of the new movie with a happy ending for the adventure journey of the human-dragon couple Hiccup (Baruchel) and Toothless, fans are somewhat regretful because from now on they can’t see this lovely duo again on the screen. more pictures, but the producer rekindled the hope when they announced there would be a special movie

It is known that this is a short film project with a length of about 30 minutes that will be shown on Christmas (December 3) on NBC in the US, In addition, this part will also be added in the DVD version How to train dragons 3. Coming soon, the content is said to follow the part, and also officially close this popular animated series. The source said the cast like Jay Baruchel,. Gerard Butler… will return to do the dub, because it’s on American radio, it may take some time for international fans to see it.

In the latest series of photos, what makes fans excited is the appearance of the lovely Toothless baby dragon trio, after the happy ending when the dragon finds the love of his life, the two say goodbye Separating the human world and flying to the horizon together, building a nest at the legendary lair of the dragon, the thought that Hiccup and Toothless would have to be apart forever, but the makers let them meet again. At this time, both Hiccup and Toothless are grown-up fathers with their own families.

The three baby dragons of the Tooth Sun family have the same appearance as their parents, but the black and white colors are more or less mixed and the eye colors are also different, the cuteness is undisputed, especially through the series of photos fans can seeing them as naughty as my gluttonous dad
Toothless now also becomes the king of dragons, so the reunion after many years with the owner Hicccup will be very touching because the two have a close connection that nothing can separate. Fans of how to train dragons are now watching day and night to see this special movie