Tricks is a trick to release smoke and create an impressive image when vaping or smoking a pod system. This can be considered a newly developed art and is loved by many e-cigarette users.

Somke tricks will impress the people around you. There are many ways to release smoke art, but today Vape Pro will teach you a simple trick to release smoke but still attractive.

Using an e-cigarette to create an O-ring is a basic tricking technique. This is the technique most of you use when you start learning to smoke. Not only the O-shaped smoke, but also many other impressive shapes.

But releasing smoke is not a simple trick that everyone can do right away. To smoke beautifully, it takes a long time of practice. When practicing, you should pay attention to choose a well-ventilated room so that the practice process is convenient, easy to observe the smoke you exhale.

Besides, you should only choose essential oils that contain nicotine to avoid getting drunk and safe for health. The steps to release the O-shaped smoke are as follows:

Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking. Pay attention to create an O-shaped mouth, revealing only the upper teeth, not the lower teeth. This way of opening the mouth of the cigarette will turn the mouth of the cigarette into a smoke holder, helping the smoke to flow out thicker.

Step 2: Take a breath, before exhaling some smoke. Then keep the same mouth as practiced in step 1, use the breath in the throat to emit the letter O. A small note is that the letter O must be pronounced quickly and clearly, not prolonged.

Step 3: Each pronounced O will push the smoke from the mouth out in the circle of this character. To be able to emit beautiful O-shaped smoke, you need to practice persistently because it is likely that when practicing we will encounter situations such as : The smoke is not fixed, the flow is weak, the letter O sometimes does not, Exhale run out of air before it has time to shape.