Thai grilled chicken eggs is a street food that is also quite familiar to us thanks to a simple but especially delicious way of making, dipping with salt, pepper and lemon, there is nothing like it.
Let’s go to the kitchen to make this delicious grilled dish right away with these 2 super simple recipes below!

Among the famous street food such as: mixed rice paper, grilled rice paper, fried corn…. Baked eggs also have an equally attractive appeal. So to ensure hygiene, why don’t we show our talents with how to make grilled chicken eggs at home.
The eggs you buy should be washed under the tap to remove dirt. Use a small, sharp knife to tap the large end of the egg and then punch a small hole in the top of the egg. Remember to be careful with your hands to keep the eggshell intact to get a finished product that is a baked egg.

Next, you will put the eggs on the grill, continue to add to the egg bowl 1 teaspoon pepper, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 tablespoon honey, then stir the eggs. Let the seasonings completely dissolve into the eggs.
After adding the spices, use the chopsticks to stir well so that the spices are dissolved and the egg yolks are no longer squishy, but mixed into a mixture.
Note, you should not overfill the eggs because when steaming, the eggs will hatch high, causing the eggs to spill out. Next, put the eggs on the grill at moderate heat.

Bake until the eggs are cooked evenly and start to smell delicious.

Grilled chicken eggs are a favorite snack of many people because of their delicious aroma and delicious taste, especially the spicy pepper flavor that stimulates the taste buds.
However, the hygiene problem of grilled chicken eggs sold on the sidewalk will disrupt your appetite, so what are you waiting for without learning how to make baked eggs at home to ensure hygiene.
Show your talent for making this delicious dish at home, just like buying it outside, but it’s very hygienic.