The video re-shares the image of a man using duct tape to remove the hairs that are stuck on his wife’s clothes, it looks like she just went somewhere with hairy things like that and that’s the way he used to clean it.

Wool clothing and accessories are perfect for when it’s starting to get cold. However, wool material is often very easy to ruffle, the hairs stick everywhere, making you uncomfortable. Understanding that, Cleanipedia tells you the following simple and effective ways to treat the fluff on woolen clothes, so that woolen clothes last for a long time!

Use a razor
Since razors are usually quite sharp, you’re better off applying this fluff treatment only on delicate woolen garments. Also, before doing so, you should try shaving the ruffled hair on a small and hidden surface of the garment to avoid unnecessary damage.

The procedure is as follows: Use your fingers to stretch the fabric surface. Use a razor to gently scrape through the ruffled area, rubbing along the fabric of the garment. You can use your hands to remove ruffles at the edges and edges of the fabric.

Use the hair roller to clean the fluff on the clothes
If you are still wondering about the safety of razors on clothes, using a Velcro hair roller is an ideal alternative to minimize the risk. You just need to gently roll the Velcro rollers on the frizzy surface and then lift them up. Lint and ruffled hairs on woolen clothes will disappear, returning you to the beautiful, smooth outfit as it was.

Use adhesive tape
Using adhesive tape is also a convenient and simple solution you can apply to remove ruffled hair on clothes. The downside of adhesive tape is that it will take you a lot of time to do it on the entire surface of the garment. But this is a great way to deal with frizz in small areas like the underarms.

Use a duster to pick up fluff on clothes
The dust roller is a convenient tool that many housewives love today. You can use the dust roller for many different purposes when cleaning the house such as cleaning pet hair on furniture, treating ruffled clothes… They are also very popular and easy to find, You can find dust rollers at home stores in the market.

The procedure to remove the ruffled layer of hair on woolen clothes is as follows: Peel the duster and roll it over the ruffled area of the garment. After use, you just need to peel off the fluffy sticky paper.

Use a specialized brush to pick up the fluff on the clothes
A lint brush designed with a ruffle pad will be a useful tool to help you deal with the ruffled coat on the surface of woolen clothing. When doing, you need to pay attention to brush the brush in the forward direction of the fabric. The ruffled patches will be removed quickly, next you just need to use a duster or adhesive tape to remove them from the clothes.