If your dog is scared or hesitant to be around you, you can bring him closer by designing a safe, comfortable living space in your home, while creating bonding.
through active coaching and rewarding. When it senses your attention, the dog will be more friendly. Take your dog for walks, play, and treat it as a companion. Gradually, The dog will actively interact with you.

Most dogs like to share a bed with their owners. Consider whether you want to let your dog sleep with you or design a cozy space for it. To create a separate space for the dog, Prepare a nest with blankets and toys to chew on in a corner of the living room.

Thus, the dog will both have its own space and be able to participate in family activities Many dogs will naturally love the people who care for and feed them. Every day, give your dog a nutritious meal and spend time interacting with it. Occasionally, you can use hand or feed the dog with a food toy. You also need to regularly observe and brush your dog’s coat to check and detect health problems

Your bond with your dog will improve if it knows how to respond to some basic commands. You can use the clicker to train your dog in good behavior through positive associations Dogs reward or praise when dogs follow commands.

Let the dog socialize with fellow humans and other people. When you’re trying to get a dog to like you, it’s easy to forget about his relationship with other people or dogs. ‘s pet dog You will be happier and more satisfied when interacting with other people or fellow humans, but you need to let your dog interact with them in a calm and orderly environment, avoiding chaotic places. It’s easy to overwhelm the dog.