The video posted an image of a person using a pipe to lead the uncles into the underground nest and destroy them. Quickly the uncles in the bowl came out and got inside the man; some of them crawled out again. It’s a terrifying thing to do because if you are unlucky enough to be bitten by a bee, it will be excruciating and swollen.

And people This person is very carefully equipped and wears protective gear when doing this. The quick video has received much attention; some people need to realize what this person is doing. Some people are scared when they know this person is destroying the hive; they share what they have encountered with these bees and even bite them. Now when they see them, they feel scared.

Many people also advise on how to destroy this hive that is not effective, and they guide a few other ways to beat the pack. More effective for video owners and everyone to refer to. The bees are small, but they also bring a lot of concern to everyone because they can bite you anytime. So when people see the ancestors, they absolutely must not destroy them when they are well-equipped and have supporting tools.

Some netizens shared:
“I got attacked by these on Mount Evans in Colorado. They were the meanest damn things I have ever seen. It must’ve been a hell of a sight watching me run through the
“woods screaming like a girl swatting at myself for about 200 yards weaving in and out of the trees trying to lose them.”
“Works better when they return in the evening. They want to get home real bad as the sun goes down.”
“These almost killed me when I was a kid in Needmore, PA. My throat closed, and I blacked out before we got to the hospital.”
“You should acknowledge the original creator and not post it like your own.”