The clip shows a man who is a teacher who teaches how to defend himself when beaten. Beat fast win fast Once you can’t avoid confrontation, the most important thing is that you win. Know that either way, you can’t let them stand a chance. You are not allowed to lose. Attacking quickly when there is an opportunity, hitting hard and focusing on the opponent’s weak point is the tactic for these situations. Stand in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart, your non-dominant foot placed in front, keeping your body weight balanced on both feet, slightly bent down so that the center of gravity of the body lies low, with the back of the table. feet up to protect the face. This position will make it difficult for others to attack you and give you better control when you need to defend yourself.

Shrinking your body will make it harder for you to be knocked down and easier to keep your balance while fighting back. Always keep an eye on your opponent and be on the lookout for weapons. Use the surrounding items as weapons if necessary. Remember someone wants to steal your peace, you don’t have to fight fairly. The purpose of this confrontation is to end the attacker’s meal and create enough time and space to make it easier to escape. Poke or scratch the attacker’s eye Clenching her fist into a fist, she punched the attacker in the eye. If you are holding the key, stab their eyes, or you will scratch their eyes with your fingernails. Your actions will scare the attacker and temporarily blind you, so you have a chance to escape.

You should remember that you are not intending to blind the attacker, but to do some damage in order to be able to escape. Clap or punch the attacker’s nose. Grab their hand and punch them in the nose, or punch their nose with your hand. Or you can hit them in the nose with your elbow if they’re within half a meter. Remember to gain momentum to make your shots stronger. The nose is a sensitive and vulnerable area. Hitting the attacker’s nose will cause them a lot of pain and you will definitely have time to get out of there quickly. Punch the forbidden fruit at the base of the attacker’s throat. Clenching the right hand into a fist or aу across the handу. Then, target the tender flesh between their collarbone and the base of their throat. Hit them hard to make them stop breathing temporarily. You should know that a strong punch to a forbidden fruit can damage someone’s windpipe and kill them.

Unless you’re really fighting for your life, don’t hit all of your opponent’s bans. Kick the opponent’s groin if the attacker is a man. Aim for the center of the groin or between the opponent’s legs. After that, swing your legs to the back to gain momentum and kick them in the groin with maximum force. The attacker will be disabled for a while and you have time to escape You should remember that they may have guessed your intentions so they will quickly avoid or block the kick. If you’re being attacked by a woman, kicking her groin isn’t a bad idea, but it won’t work as well as it does with a man. Kick Variation: If you’re standing very close to the attacker, dig into their groin with your knees. Use your feet or elbows to hit your opponent’s knees to reduce their mobility. Kick the front of the knee to cause serious injury or kick the side of the knee to knock them out. Keep kicking until they fall or avoid х of you.

Hitting the knee will cause them a lot of pain and limit their ability to chase you. If your attacker has knocked you to the ground, don’t give up! You will use your elbow to hit the side of their knee. It’s hard for an attacker to grasp your foot if you kick their knee, because the knee is closer to the ground. Hit with the head if they hug you from behind. If you are being hugged by someone from behind, hit the back of the head really hard so that the back of the head hits their nose. The pain from the blow will make them let go of you. If this doesn’t work, bend your knees to lower the drinker. This move will loosen their grip. When their grip has loosened, you slide your body out and hit them in the face with your elbow. Use your elbow to hit the attacker’s nose to make them let go of you.