Recently, a video after being posted attracted and caused a stir about the young man’s actions.In the video, a young man took the camera back to the process where he installed the wheel. He was very patient and tried to install it with one hand.

He’s trying too hard to be a funny man. If the officer can’t name the ticket, he’ll give it to the liscence plate and the car’s registered down there. Either way, your ticket will be issued to you, either through your ID card or your license plate number.

So this whole conversation is not really going to happen, or is going to happen, and you’re going to be fined more because you upset the police.

Eight more ways, you won’t get out of the ticket.He’s writing you a ticket so you don’t own a driver’s license while you’re driving.Some people have argued that his actions are bullshit and in fact his stubbornness and his stubbornness.