The video is about the driver who is working and carrying his passengers, on the car includes a guy and two girls. The two girls seem to be dressed very stylishly and fashionably.

Page. Instead of putting money in his wallet like many other drivers, the guy put his money in the money box next to his driver’s seat. It won’t be worth it to comment, a few seconds after the car stopped and the guests got off the bus, the girl in the car quickly reached into the driver’s money box to get the money.
He took all the money in his box, the driver probably didn’t even notice until he looked at his money box and it was too late when the girl took the money and left.
The girl stole the money with an amused look on her face and got out of the car, she thought no one would know what she did, but the car’s camera recorded all.
The video was quickly posted on social networks and went viral, with many people panicking and unable to believe the incident before their eyes because it was so ridiculous.

A beautiful, charming girl dressed in such a luxurious and sexy fashion, why can she act like that? They still feel sorry for her because of the dollar bills that change her honor and quality.
She is ruining her own life; most people condemn and criticize the girl’s actions but also don’t forget to blame the guy. Careless to let bad people quickly take advantage of you when you leave the money box right in front of the guest like that; not only that, but the mouth of the money box is too big for others to quickly get it.

On the other hand, some people think this is a staged video of this guy and his friends because the action is too revealing and unreliable.
Finally, the video conveys or is careful to avoid any bad situations that are always lurking around us and does not allow the bad guys to perform their behavior,
and reflect those who have committed evil deeds, and if they do not want to be discovered, they should not do it