Skydiving is an action sport that involves jumping out of an airplane or other flying device in the air and falling back to Earth with the help of a parachute.
Of gravity while using a parachute to slow the movement of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag, or in the case of ram-parachute air, lift aerodynamics. The skydiving process begins with a state of free fall for a specific time after leaving an airplane or airship, the falling speed increases steadily, and the parachutist releases the parachute at a certain height above the ground.

The video uploaded the image of two men and women on an airplane and trying to go out to do something, making viewers curious. After climbing
out of the iron bar, the girl and the boy quickly jumped and looked at the air with their backs. A great feeling for those who are adventurous and like
The video soon received much attention from the online community, and many people expressed interest in it; they wished they could do it.Those who are afraid of heights have to scream during the skydiving phase. They say that they will faint when they fall from such a height. Down they could not calm down to do anything at that momeManymany bad entertainment games have been created to meet entertainment needs and tastes, including many adventurous games.

Challenge yourself and the world. Skydiving is also one of those dangerous games. Before participating in the game, everyone should consider
their health and skills. You should learn well about the game and the possible risks, so there are no unfortunate consequences. But there are risks.
Happening all around us, and people even lose their lives on stunts like this.