Skydiving is an extreme sport not for the faint of heart. The subject attracts not only young men but also women who can challenge themselveswith this adventure.
Skydiving is an extreme action sport by jumping out of an airplane or other flying device in the air and falling back to Earth.

The process of skydiving begins with a state of free fall for a certain period after leaving the aircraft or balloon; the falling speed increases steadily, and the person
the parachute opens at a certain height above the ground.

Becoming a skydiver must undergo many physical, theoretical, and technical tests. Eligibility must be someone with a
A healthy heart, normal blood pressure, no myopia, and a critical career factor is that the soles of the feet must have a particular concavity.

The video posted an image of a tattooed boy playing an extreme sport parachuting down from the top of the mountain, causing many viewers to stand still.
, they breathed a sigh of relief when the parachute was lifted, and he was now floating in the air and slowly descending. Indeed this is a subject that is not for everyone Fear of heights.

The video, after being posted, quickly attracted the online community because of such adventurous people. They wish they could be one
time standing in his position; besides that, many people think this is a risky and high-risk game. What will be the consequences if there is a glitch?
Dancing, and they advise young people not to play such risky games. Learn to love yourself and protect yourself more.