As a confident and competent generation, Gen Z prioritizes investing in itself from appearance to knowledge, spending a lot of time studying and living with passion.

According to the Pew Center for Social Affairs, based in Washington DC, USA, Genz (Generation Z), including his 1997-2010 birth, was the next generation of Millennials and before the Alpha generation.
Soon, Gen Z was exposed to the Internet: in 1996, the world welcomed the birth of Google; in 1997, Vietnam connected to the world Internet; in 2004, Facebook was born; and a year later, Youtube was born.

Genz is deeply influenced by digital and social networks, so GenZ’s lifestyle and way of thinking are heavily influenced by the “digital society”.
Recently a video of a girl sharing a story with a GenZ teenager shocked her by this young man’s bold answer.
According to the video, she was hit by a man, soon after she asked him how old she was, and after hearing the age, she was very upset by his attitude.
And exaggerate the saying, “i was like i could be your mother” ???

But then the girl had to be surprised by this guy’s answer when he looked me dead in the eyes and was like
“What’s up mommy”
As the new generation with a new mindset, Gen Z is the potential force inheriting society later. According to Nielsen, Gen Z globally is expected to be about 2 billion people and 15 million people in Vietnam alone.
It is estimated that by 2025, the Gen Z workforce in Vietnam will account for 25% of the workforce. Thanks to the specific characteristics of the generation, Gen Z has long since become the “pet” of the label.

Many brands have created playgrounds for Gen Z to create and express their own identity.
Through the video clips made and shared by Gen Z themselves in the adventure “Gu Z raises their hands!”, the young people revealed their intelligence and flexibility while showing their personalities.
it is not easy to compromise with irrational demands and always be wise to make choices that are truly right for you. They know how to calmly pick up the issue and navigate their thoughts to the most positive things in every situation,
thereby providing creative and effective solutions.

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