The girl in the video shares what she went through from kindergarten to adulthood, earning a bachelor’s degree and eventually working as a child’s teacher.

First when we are born until the age of 5 preschool is our first school, when we are a little older it will be primary school from grade 1 to grade 5 and we will go through a period difficult this towel by stairs.

The older we get, the more difficult things we learn from our old classroom and the more things happen to us. After level 1 is to level 3, here we will have 3 years to get acquainted and stick with it, many interesting things, new friends, new knowledge and we will be much less tired.

Studying a little further is a bachelor, we will enter a 4-year university and receive a prestigious bachelor’s degree, at this time the responsibility placed on our shoulders will be much greater.

Those who study well will find a stable job, those who are unlucky will have more difficulties. Finally, as teachers when we have learned many things,

enough knowledge and everything to be able to teach students, it is time for us to hone our knowledge, skills and abilities .

Everyone’s life will go through different levels of education, depending on each person, we have the right to choose what is best for us.

The girl in the video took the video and her every step represents each turning point in life, with each higher education we have to respond and accept

everything higher than that normal in both thinking and living standards.

Many netizens also expressed their views on this. They find it very true for each level of education from low to high.