The video recorded a guy shopping at the store and when he was paying, suddenly the police rushed in and pointed a gun at him, this guy was extremely

surprised and scared because the police came running and pointed a gun at him, when he was handcuffed and about to arrest him and take him to the station,

suddenly a guy came in .

He was her brother, he boldly walked in and said he was that person’s brother. And he came to settle things, he was very angry and indignant and defended his


Followed by another man, the video has received a lot of comments from netizens. Some people think that he protected his brother despite the police running

to arrest him, but there are also opinions that he was wrong so the police arrested him.

The police cannot catch the wrong criminals. Currently, the video is still causing fierce controversy from netizens about the actions of the police and this guy’s


“Many people started fighting again”