Every morning, the child takes the bus to school by himself. If the boy is absent, the teacher will immediately notify the parent. In Finland, students who live more than 5 km from the nearest school or have problems getting to school will be able to ride a school bus. School buses are always marked on the front and back of the bus, and can only travel at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

She was only in 5th grade, but her mother sent her to school by bus to practice her independence. Although this country does not have its own school bus system, she is still very reassured because from the beginning of the school year, the school has sent each student’s information to the state bus company HSL to register and rely on it. manage. They will be given a free bus pass and every day walk to the bus station, get on the bus, go to school by themselves, and then go home by themselves when school is over. Any student who is lost or in any danger has an adult to intervene and help wholeheartedly. “My son has been lost before, but it’s okay, because if he gets lost here, he will be helped to get back home,” Hoa said.

For children with disabilities, the city’s Department of Education will coordinate their own cars to their homes to take them to school. Homeroom teachers are in regular contact with parents and if a child is absent, they will immediately notify the family. Therefore, it is impossible for children to be left in the car when they go to school, as the school’s management of students is strictly implemented by modern methods to prevent such mistakes from happening. Each area in the city has an elementary school, located within a radius of 2-3 km for young children to travel easily.

Therefore, in high school, students start to ride the bus and each student has a bus card with full name and code issued by the school. To control the number of students, Alex or any child getting on or off the bus must have someone sign the list. In particular, school buses in the US are equipped with a warning siren system to prevent children from being forgotten. The driver wanted to stop the engine and get out of the car, he had to go to the back of the car to turn off the horn, forcing them to check to see if there were any students. About 30 minutes after the car takes the student to school, if the teacher does not see the child, he will quickly call the family to inform. I hope families and schools focus on taking care of children’s spirits instead of focusing on studying.”