Love is always beautiful. There are so many different ways for people to find and fall in love. The lovely and emotional shares of netizens about how their parents met and fell in love bring back beautiful memories of each person’s youth.

The worst father, the smartest mother. Three years 3 exams to 4 years failed the subject, stay in year 3 for 1 more year. My mother studied a year earlier than her age, she met in college, my father skipping school is common, so poor studies are obvious. Going to the exam, he bent his ass up to plow the exam just to pass the subject. At that time, my mother was good at studying, and she was pretty, so he flirted with her by asking questions, moving in next to her mother’s room. Then “heard”, married, gave birth to me. Everyone in the family wants me to be like my mother’s wisdom, but unfortunately, I’m like my father.

My parents’ love story flashed like a shower. Because the day my father met my mother, it was a rainy day, so my father took shelter at my mother’s tailor shop and then fell in love with lightning.

The story only comes to a dramatic end when the paternal family opposes. My father asked you to pretend to be your brother and ask to marry your mother. It wasn’t until I was born in my grandfather’s hospital that I knew I had to accept my daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

My father has a close friend with 1 uncle. He flirted with his mother. It’s okay to be long. Every day I come down to the house to play, but my mother doesn’t like it.

Then that day, he took my father down to play and talk for fun. Then, as a result, he lost his friend, his lover. My father married my mother and concluded that I was born.