The world of cinema has many “heroes”, “sisters”. The ghost looks are horrifying but makes the audience laugh and crawl with a stupid conspiracy, beaten by people to face.

When it comes to ghostly horror movies, the audience will immediately remember the image of “hidden” ghosts in the dark room with gray skin, smoky eyes like a cosmic black hole,
a wide smile brings out the dirty black teeth – every detail as an unbreakable hallmark for this vicious labeled character.
However, there are still exceptional “ghosts” with not very different but expressive shapes, more amusing actions or even being “eaten” on the contrary.
And this film is the clearest and most representative demonstration of this novel type of character.

Scary Movie is the series that started the “spoof movie” movement in Hollywood with the scenario of combining and shuffling the characters and horror details featured in previously produced ghost movies.
Unlike the title Scary Movie, which even has the exact opposite content, the series makes the audience laugh because the satirical laughter about ghosts already on the screen such as Mama, Scream, The Exorcist, The Ring,… suddenly becomes incredibly stupid and funny.
Throughout the film, it was filled with horror-smelling scenes that were “remake” from classic segments of original movies, like the demon-obsessed girl in The Exorcist now suddenly turned into a girl who never ceased to vomit due to food poisoning with festering vomit.

I advise the audience not to watch during the meal because it is easy to… throw up, or the white masked ghost in Scream today is like a teenage thief with a phone call that scares the host but carelessly reveals his hideout.

Starting with the unexpected success of part 1 in 2000, the Scary Movie series made four more sequels in 2001, 2003, 2006 and most recently part 5 in 2013.
“Scary Movie 3” understands the concept of a spoof but not the concept of a satire. It clicks off several popular movies (“Signs,” “The Sixth Sense,” “The Matrix,” “8 Mile,” “The Ring”) and recycles scenes from them through a spoofalator,
but it’s feeding off these movies, not skewering them. The average issue of Mad magazine contains significantly smarter movie satire, because Mad goes for the vulnerable elements and “Scary Movie 3” just wants to quote and kid.

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