Recently,the aggressive behavior of a poodle when he saw a dobermann dog standing in front of him attracted interest and there was a lot of controversy.
A girl in that yellow hoodia led a yellow poodle who had been strapped from the inside of the room out.The Dobermann dog was strapped to a leash and stood waiting outside the door.

When that poodle came out he clenched and shortened the chain of the Dobermann dog, whose poodle when he saw it had become ferocious and didn’t stop wanting to grab it and resisted in a very aggressive and frightening way.
But with a body standing next to the Dobermann, which is really small and weak, the dog is really aggressive when it wants to bite the Dobermann ,candles like she didn’t tie that chain, and maybe it hit the Dobermann dog and the bad consequences when it hit the Dobermann.

Dobermann’s act of standing still may have been really sweet when he saw the poodle’s aggressive behaviour but could still have done nothing to it. He probably listened to his owner and had no intention of harming him.
Dobermann is one of the few dogs named after him (Louis Dobermann). This is an aggressive breed, but if well trained, it can be great family dogs. With the right approach, they can be easily trained and will learn very quickly. Like all dogs, if properly trained, they can be suitable for children.

Dobermann has acquired many ideal qualities to be able to do this job well: they are very sensitive, enthusiastic, especially with great strength and tenacity. Besides, this is one of the very smart breeds and also very easy to teach. Being a very assertive dog, they don’t seem to be afraid.
and yet they are not wild, always loyal and very affectionate to their owners. Because Dobermann is very intelligent, easy to teach, and has very good attack and protection abilities, they are often trained to engage in a variety of purposes.